The Durham Local Immigration Partnership (DLIP) advances its four priorities by supporting the work of our community partners. This includes research on the needs of newcomers in Durham Region and resources designed to assist the DLIP’s settlement and non-settlement partners.


A Look at Durham: 2021 Census Data on Citizenship and Immigration 

A summary of citizenship and immigration trends by Statistics Canada based on the 2021 Census. Presented to Durham Local Immigration Partnership network in November 2022.  

Take a Walk in My Shoes: Immigrant Experiences to Secure Professional Employment

A photovoice research project chronicling the experience of newcomers to Durham Region as they seek employment.

Support & Inclusion for SuccessIdentifying the needs of racialized immigrants in Durham Region 

This qualitative research seeks to identify the needs of racialized immigrants in Durham Region, determine availability, appropriateness and awareness of services that meet their needs and identify best practices in supporting their identified needs to facilitate successful integration in the region.  

Vital Signs Report

The Durham Community Foundation's first Vital Signs® report offers an in-depth understanding of Durham Region, emphasizing its unique dynamics and rapid changes, especially in the post-pandemic world. This comprehensive report provides Regional information and data on topics such as on the Region’s population growth, housing, mental health, and the impacts of domestic violence and the opioid crisis. 

Durham Workforce Authority: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce  

This report examines the labour market outcomes of women, persons with disabilities, newcomers, Indigenous, racialized communities and 2SLGBTQI+ community to develop a better understanding of system and structural factors that impact labour force participation.  


Durham Region Playbook - World Education Services (

Developed with local partners, the Playbook provides employers with tips, strategies and resources to recruit, hire, onboard and help integrate newcomer talent. 

Confronting Racism Playbook: Guide for Employers 

Developed as part of the Confronting Racism in Durham project, this resource provides employers with tips and strategies on creating more inclusive workplaces for racialized staff and jobseekers.  

Confronting Racism Playbook: Guide for Racialized Jobseekers  

Developed as part of the Confronting Racism in Durham project, this resource provides racialized jobseekers with tips and strategies on finding and securing employment with an inclusive employer.  

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