A volunteer is an unpaid helper. Volunteering can give you experience working in Canada when you first arrive. Volunteers can be found everywhere in Durham Region.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to spend your time and help your community. Often, volunteers help charities and other non-profit services run without the need to pay for work. These organizations wouldn't be able to run without help from people like you. You can also volunteer at companies to get work experience.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends. It also helps you busy and active in the community.

Who volunteers?

Many volunteers are students and seniors. Some volunteer opportunities for students are known as internships. Lots of adults also volunteer for causes that are important to them.

Where can I volunteer?

Volunteers are always needed for events. They are also needed to help run some social services.

Newcomer Skills Accelerator Program

The Newcomer Skills Accelerator Program helps you navigate life in Canada by giving you the opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit organization(s) of your choice. Volunteering will help you accelerate your skills and unlock your Canadian work experience.

Participants must:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old
  • Arrived in Canada in the last 10 years
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Granted Refugee
  • Commit to 120 hours (this includes the time it takes to apply, meet with your mentor or take part in training opportunities)

You can choose the type of volunteer service work you want to do and the non-profit organization you want to do it with. Volunteer placements may be available in a range of sectors such as animals, education, healthcare, recreation and sports, special events like festivals, concerts, exhibits, summer camps, technology and more. 

Opportunities are available in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. More opportunities across Canada will be open soon.

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Gain valuable volunteer experience with a reputable Canadian charity.
  • Full freedom to choose your own placement, according to your skills, career goals, interests and availability.
  • A reference letter from the volunteer manager that you can use in your job search and use to demonstrate your Canadian experience.
  • Access training and supplementary learning opportunities that can help you grow professionally.
  • A certificate of completion for future employment opportunities.
  • Other exciting perks along your journey!
  • Transportation reimbursement is available for those who qualify .
  • Access our mentorship program throughout your service journey.

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