Diversity thrives in Durham Region. We are home to many different religious communities. Faith and religion are respected in the community. There are many cultural and faith-based festivals and events that take place year-round.

Canada's human rights laws allow for individuals to keep and express their faith as long as any such acts do not violate other human rights and protection laws.

Many different faiths have created friendly and working relationships with one another where each faith is accepted and respected.

Places of worship and newcomer services

Contact settlement services to find places of worship near you.

Many faith communities have programs to help newcomers. These programs often welcome any newcomer into the community, regardless of personal faith.

World Religion Day

Every year, on the third Sunday in January, Durham Region celebrates World Religion Day. This is a multi-faith celebration that raises awareness and bridges gaps between faiths. It celebrates working together as a community.  

Abraham Festival

The goal of the Abraham Festival is to bring together people of Judaic, Islamic and Christian faiths. It promotes peace, non-violence and understanding. The festival is open to everyone. It takes place every year in Peterborough.

Multicultural Calendar

Find information about important observances, dates and holidays from many different faiths in the Multicultural Calendar.

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