A volunteer shows a newcomer how to use a computer in the Welcome Centre

Settlement Services

There are lots of resources to help you get settled in Durham Region. To find the support you need, look at our map of settlement services. You can also visit one of the Durham Welcome Centres.

Children from the MonAvenir School Board

Francophone Durham

There is a large community of Francophones in Durham Region. Many came to Durham from Quebec and New Brunswick but more recently, we have seen a large number of newcomers from French-speaking countries. Learn more about the supports available to you as a Francophone in Durham.

A couple with their dog in a wooded area on a snowy day

Immigration Partnership

The Local Diversity and Immigration Partnership Council (LDIPC) works with community stakeholders to create welcoming communities across Durham Region. Stay informed by subscribing to The Citizen or our news updates. If you are a not-for-profit interested in new grants, you can also sign up to receive the Funding Opportunities Update.