Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020 - 2024

The Regional Municipality of Durham Diversity and Immigration Program and the Durham Local Immigration Partnership (DLIP) Council is pleased to present the 2020-2024 Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan.

Durham has long been a community of choice for immigrants to Canada. Immigrants bring skills, experience and access to global markets – contributing to the social and cultural richness of the Region and to our shared economic prosperity. It is important that all residents, including newcomers, see a place for themselves in Durham’s communities. Everyone should feel they belong by encouraging, making space for, and valuing each person’s participation in the community and the economy.

The DLIP, together with partners and stakeholders, aims to mobilize Durham’s assets – our diverse population, our economic strength and a robust network of partners to support and promote the great economic, social and cultural benefits that newcomers bring to our communities. The Community Plan outlines priorities and actions for making that happen.

Cover of the Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020-2024   Read the Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020-2024