The Durham Local Immigration Partnership (DLIP) was established in 2009. Today it boasts a membership of more than 100 community partners representing a broad range of sectors. The DLIP has worked to deepen the conversation around immigration and inclusion and to create welcoming communities in Durham Region.

Priorities for this work are set out in the Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020-2024. In developing the Plan, the community identified the following three priority areas:

  • Economic Prosperity: Newcomers achieve high levels of labour market attachment, contributing to the economic prosperity of the Region as a whole.
  • Service Co-Ordination: Information is accessible and shared across sectors, utilizing multiple networks and channels, facilitating enhanced service co-ordination and accelerated and equitable settlement outcomes.
  • Community Belonging: Newcomers feel welcomed and included in Durham Region, and can participate socially, economically and culturally in their community.

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) throughout Canada are a mechanism to develop local partnerships and community-based planning around the needs of residents and newcomers. The DLIP acts as an incubator for ideas, measuring trends, identifying needs and mobilizing the appropriate community resources to meet those needs.

The DLIP Council is an advisory body comprised of executives and community leaders from a range of sectors, lending direction to the development and execution of the Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan and the work of the DLIP.

Many of Durham's municipalities, educators, service providers and businesses began the journey of integrating the needs of newcomers into planning processes long ago. What was missing was a single body to assist in capturing those activities, identifying emerging needs and planning for the future to ensure the best use of resources, shared best practices and avoiding duplication. The DLIP meets that need. 


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