The DLIP, together with partners and stakeholders, aims to mobilize Durham’s assets – our diverse population, our economic strength and a robust network of partners to support and promote the great economic, social and cultural benefits that newcomers bring to our communities. The Community Plan outlines priorities and actions for making that happen.

Strategic Pillars of the Community Plan 

The three strategic pillars of the Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020-2024 are: 

Pillar 1 – Economic Prosperity

Newcomers achieve high levels of labour market attachment, contributing to the economic prosperity of the Region as a whole.

Pillar 2 – Service Co-Ordination

Information is accessible and shared across sectors, utilizing multiple networks and channels, facilitating enhanced service co-ordination and accelerated and equitable settlement outcomes.

Pillar 3 – Community Belonging

Newcomers feel welcomed and included in Durham Region, and can participate socially, economically and culturally in their community.

Download the Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020-2024

The Durham Immigration and Inclusion Community Plan 2020-2024 builds on the successes of previous plans. This Community Plan reflects the strengths of Durham’s communities and considers the social and economic opportunities the Region anticipates over the next several years. It focuses intentionally on advancing the understanding of immigration as imperative to the economic success of Durham Region. Themes presented in the Community Plan are reflective of both the strengths and challenges of newcomers and the organizations that serve them. What we learn from implementing the Community Plan will inform continuous improvement and contribute to the capacity of all partners.

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