Durham Region business associations offer a range of programs and services to their members. Becoming a member is voluntary.

Services for members include:

  • Business advice
  • Networking opportunities
  • Relevant publications

Chambers of commerce and boards of trade

Chambers of commerce and boards of trade promote and protect the interests of businesses in the community.

Chambers and boards in Durham:

Business improvement areas and associations (BIAs)

A business improvement area is made up of an association of businesses within a specified district. They finance programs aimed at stimulating local business.

BIAs in Durham:

Other associations

Business Advisory Centre Durham helps businesses grow their business through advice, workshops and seminars.

The Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association represents farms, farmers' markets, chefs and restaurants. The association markets local products and provides business education and training to members.

Le Conseil des Organismes Francophones de la Région de Durham represents French-speaking business members.

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