In Durham Region, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) governs alcohol. This includes wine and beer.

Alcohol laws and health

There are strict alcohol laws in Ontario. You must be 19 years of age to buy and drink alcohol. It is illegal to sell alcohol, serve alcohol, or buy alcohol for anyone "under age." To buy alcohol, you need to show proof of your age with government-issued photo identification (ID).

It is illegal to drive while impaired. This is also known as driving under the influence or drinking and driving. Failure to obey these laws can result in fines and imprisonment.

Learn about the health risks of drinking alcohol.

Where to buy alcohol

Most alcohol shopping is done at LCBO stores and The Beer Store. Some grocery stores also sell wine and beer. This is convenient, but they often do not have as large a selection and cannot carry spirits. LCBO stores carry wine, beer and alcohol from around the world. The Beer Store carries beer and cider. It sells beer in larger quantities, whereas the LCBO carries beer in small packs and single units.

Alcohol, wine and beer can also be found in many restaurants, bistros and bars. Alcohol is only served between regulated hours. Look for a sign that says the establishment is licensed under LLBO if you aren't sure.

Wineries, breweries and orchards

There are wineries, breweries, micro-breweries, orchards and wine stores that make and serve wine, beer and cider right here in Durham. The Niagara region, famous for its vineyards and orchards is also only a few hours drive away.

Local winery and orchard options include the Archibald Orchards and Estate Winery and Algoma Orchards.

The list of micro-breweries is larger and growing. See a listing of craft breweries in Durham.

Make your own wine and beer

There are stores where you can make your own wine and beer. This is a less expensive option, but the juice, grape and yeast varieties are limited. You will usually have to buy the bottles, corks, caps and labels. You then bottle the wine or beer once it's ready. Sometimes this takes place at the store, and some are take-home kits.

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