Taxi, hired car services and car-share services are good ways to get around Durham Region. They can be good alternatives to walking and cycling if you need to go far or the weather is bad. They are also excellent and safe choices if you plan to drink alcohol and travel.


Taxis are also known as cabs. There are many taxi companies in the region. The starting fare is regulated by law, and increases with the amount of time or distance you travel in the vehicle.

Getting a taxi

Anyone can use taxi services by calling a taxi company's main phone line or by hailing a taxi on the street. Hailing a taxi begins when you see a taxi with a lit sign on top of the vehicle. This indicates the car is available for hire. You then wave them over to you with your hand or arm.


All taxi cars and vans should accept multiple payment options, including cash, debit and credit cards. It is customary to leave a small tip in cash or on your payment card for the driver once you have arrived safely at your destination.

Uber and hired car services

Popular hired car and car-share services in the region are Uber and Lyft.

Getting a hired car

These services require you to download an application (app) to your mobile device (cell phone), create an account and register a credit card before using any services.


Once you are registered, you can use your app to find and hire a car anywhere, even outside of the region. The app will show you how much the ride will be in advance, and this amount will be charged to your registered credit card once you confirm the ride. No money needs to be exchanged with the driver after this. If you like, you can leave a tip through the app after you have arrived safely at your destination.

Driving for Uber and other hired car services

Companies like Uber allow people who have their own vehicle and a valid driver's licence to drive for them. Some people use this to make extra money and others use it as their primary source of income.

If you are interested in driving for Uber or driving for Lyft, see their websites for more details.

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