Biking and walking are great ways to get around Durham Region. They are the best ways to travel for your health and the environment. Unlike other forms of transportation, biking and walking is very inexpensive, and mostly free.


Once you buy a bike and safety gear, there is no cost to travel with your bike. Just be sure that you bring a lock with you for security and safety.

Biking is probably the healthiest way to travel. It keeps you active and fit, and is great for your heart health. There are also bike paths and trails for leisure and recreational biking all over the region.

When available, be sure to take bike lanes on the road. Always wear a helmet. You can find other bike safety tipson the Region of Durham bike safety web page.


Walking is free and a healthy way to travel in the region. In the summer, there are great parks, trails and conservation areas you can visit. Walking to get from one place to another can help keep you fit, active and healthy. In the winter months, there are even mall walking groups, so you don't have to give up walking just because it's cold out!

Safety for travelling alone or at night

When travelling alone or at night, always be cautious and wary of what's around you. Make sure you are not distracted.

Safety tips:

  • Do not talk on the phone or wear headphones. These can limit your awareness of the sounds around you.
  • Always take paths that you know.
  • Do not walk or bike through dark alleyways or parks alone at night.
  • Take well-lit streets.
  • Tell someone where you are travelling and when, so they can check on you when you arrive.

If you are in danger, call 9-1-1.

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