Farmers' markets, fresh food stalls and growing your own food are great ways to get fresh, local and in-season produce. They're also a fun way to spend the day.

Happening now

Durham Farm Fresh has a list of what's in season. Check out local farmers' markets, and events that happen throughout the year.

Farmers' markets

Meet local farmers and learn about what grows during which seasons in Ontario. Food from these markets is usually homegrown, local, organic, and fairly priced. It's always good to ask questions if you aren't sure about a product.

Farmers' markets are usually open one day a week throughout late spring to early fall. 

Orchards, farms and food stands

Check out orchards, farms and roadside food stands for delicious local goods. You can buy fresh from the orchard or farm. Some even have pick-your-own (U-pick) events that are open to the public. Be sure to check Durham Farm Fresh for what's in season.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a Canadian staple. Our flag even has a maple leaf in the centre of it! At the end of winter and leading into early spring, there are maple sugar farms that are open to public. Spend the day outdoors and learn about how maple syrup is made. You can even taste it fresh from the farm!

Growing your own food

One of the great things here is our changing climate. You can grow different foods and plants at different times. Spring and summer are great seasons to grow your own food. Growing your own food can be a fun, healthy, and less expensive way to get fresh food. There are seed and garden stores that can help get you started.

Community and public gardens

There are public and community gardens where you can see fresh food and plants, and some of them allow you to participate and grow your own food in the garden as well. There is often a rental fee for your plot of land.

Welcome Centre Immigrant Services in Ajax has a community garden where you can meet new people and learn about gardening.

Learn more about local gardens.

Communities in Bloom and gardening groups

Communities in Bloom is a great way to meet others who are interested in gardening in your area. There are also garden clubs such as the Durham Orchid Society and the Canadian Peony Society.

Canadian Organic Growers is a great place to get started if you are interested in organic gardening. 

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