Eating healthy is important for people of all ages. Healthy eating can seem expensive for a family, but there are ways to make sure you are eating healthy on a budget in Durham Region.

Cooking at home

The best way to make sure your food is healthy and inexpensive is to cook your meals at home. When you make your own food, you know exactly what ingredients go into it. You also save the restaurant preparation and overhead prices of eating out.

 To get the most out of your meals, use leftovers for breakfast and lunch. This makes meals and money last longer. You should also make sure you are only buying the food you need so it doesn't go bad.

 The Welcome Centre in Ajax has a community kitchen program where you can learn how to cook many different kinds of dishes. You can also teach others how to cook your own dishes from home. There is also a community garden where you can grow your own vegetables.

 Visit the cooking on a budget section on the Region of Durham's website for more information.

Food banks

If you are having trouble paying for food, there are food banks that can help.

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