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Credentials and Licensing Assessment

Educational requirements are different for every profession and trade in Ontario.  Some professions stipulate where and how international credentials are to be evaluated so it is best to find out what is required in your field before having your credentials assessed.  There are a variety of organizations that can assist with the process of getting your foreign credentials assessed and translated into their Ontario equivalents. Some of these organizations include: 

World Education Services – Canada
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON  M5B1J3
416-972-0070 or 1-866-343-0070

Comparative Education Services
School of Continuing Studies
158 St. George Street
Toronto, ON

If, following an assessment, it is determined that additional training or education is required to be licensed to work in your trade or profession in Ontario, a number of Bridge Training programs are available to newcomers. For further information please see Ontario Bridge Training Programs or the Ministry site.

In Ontario there are two types of occupations:  regulated and non-regulated.  The regulated professions (for example, physicians, nurses, lawyers, skilled trades such as plumbers and electricians) set their own standards of practice in order to protect the public.  

In some professions, it is illegal to work or even use the title of the profession if you are not registered with the regulatory body.  In other professions, you can do the work of the profession, but you must register with the regulatory body if you want to use the title of the profession. 

To determine if your occupation is regulated or non-regulated visit the Working in Canada website.  This site will help you identify the name of your occupation in Canada and give you important information about your profession in many regions of Canada, including job duties, skill requirements and wage rates.

Finding Work in a Regulated Profession

If your occupation is a regulated profession, visit the "Work in your Profession" section of the Ontario Immigration website.  This site will link you to information and resources on how to get licensed, get help and find work in your profession in Ontario.

If your occupation is a regulated trade, visit "A Guide for Internationally Trained Trades" on the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website

Finding Work in Non-regulated Professions

The vast majority of occupations in Canada are non-regulated. There is no legal requirement for getting a licence in a non-regulated occupation. You may be expected to demonstrate certain skills and competencies, to have gained a particular level of qualification and to have the communication skills suitable for the job. It is the employers who determine the specific requirements for employment in their company.

Even though you do not need to get a licence to work in a non-regulated job, a credential assessment may help potential employers understand your qualifications better.

There are also organizations, for a fee, that perform evaluations of foreign educational qualifications for both regulated and non-regulated profession.  

For more information visit the Settlement.Org website

Many jobs require not only your diplomas assessed but also your skill. The  has helpful information like job descriptions, educational requirements, where to get your credentials assessed and much more.

For more information visit the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) website.



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