Canadian Work Experience

Canadian Work Experience

As a newcomer, lack of Canadian work experience may be a challenge you encounter when seeking employment.  Many Canadian employers want to hire individuals who have work experience within Canada.  Canadian work experience may be a requirement or an employer preference, in both regulated and non-regulated occupations.  There are a number of ways to gain Canadian work experience:


Although it is unpaid volunteer work is an excellent way to gain Canadian work experience and it will help you:

  • Gain practical knowledge of the Canadian workplace
  • Practice your English or French
  • Develop your network and access the hidden job market
  • Obtain Canadian references
  • Develop new skills

For information on volunteer opportunities in Durham Region, visit the following websites:

PREB-Ontario is a web-based volunteer certificate program which will help volunteers transition to paid employment, continued education or future volunteer positions.  The certificate, which is completed online by participating organizations, outlines the activities the volunteer performed, the skills acquired and any special achievements or training received during the volunteer placement.  The certificate will further recognize the work of volunteers by providing a professional reference.

SPARK Ontario is Ontario's first bilingual volunteer database where province-wide volunteer opportunities and other resources are compiled into a single, accessible website. 

Part-time or Temporary Work

Part-time work allows for a reduced work week. Temporary work is to fill a position for a specific period of time (e.g. with a start and end date).   For information on opportunities and resources about part time work in Durham, visit:

Networking Programs (Mentorship)

Mentorship programs provide an opportunity to meet people in your profession and learn about Canadian workplaces.  For information and opportunities on networking or mentorship programs near Durham Region visit the following websites:



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