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Local Labour Market

Greater Durham Labour Market

Once heavily reliant on automotive manufacturing, Durham is growing considerably into a diverse and potentially thriving market.  Read on to find out more about the local economy!

2009 Top 5 Industries by Employment

(North American Industry Classification System-NAICS)* Source ILLMP Durham Region 2009

  1. 336 Transportation Manufacturing * based on 2006 data prior to automotive sector layoffs
  2. 772 Food Services and Drinking places
  3. 611 Educational Services
  4. 561 Administrative and Support Services
  5. 913 Local-Municipal-Regional Public Administrations

* These Sectors as of 2006 incorporate 70% of the total employment in Durham

Energy Sector
Increase in Nuclear Energy

Ontario Power Generation - Darlington StationOPG was directed by the Province of Ontario in 2006 to begin the federal approvals process for new nuclear reactors at an existing site, including an environmental assessment.

The New Nuclear generators at Darlington 1involves the construction and operation of up to four nuclear  reactors and up to 4,800 MW of electrical capacity and associated facilities, at OPG’s existing Darlington nuclear site, to meet the base load energy needs of Ontario.

Emerging Sectors and Perceived Future Needs

(Source ILLMP Durham Region 2009)

Current Needs:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electric power engineers and technicians
  • Trained chemists
  • Metallurgy graduates
  • Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners
  • Medical technologists and technicians
  • Middle managers (agriculture)
  • Pipefitters
  • Automotive technicians
  • Boilermakers
  • Butchers, cake decorators
  • Mould and asbestos detection and removal
  • Pressure vessel stainless steel welders
  • Sales experience, customer service
  • Analytical, problem solving and diagnostic skills for advanced manufacturing
  • Facilitation and teambuilding skills for managers and supervisors

Future Needs:

  • Construction trades for Darlington New Build
  • Green industry occupations, including trades in construction (i.e. building retrofit)
  • Nuclear plant operators
  • Nuclear maintenance trades
  • Water and sewage treatment technicians
  • Skilled tradespersons to (replace retirees)
  • More advanced training in health care (nurses etc.)
  • Energy sector technicians
  • Expanded training for personal support workers
  • Electric power engineers



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