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Resume Do's and Don'ts

Resume Do's...

  • Do make sure the resume is flawless; double-check your spelling and grammar
  • Do put your first and last name on every page
  • Do put your years of employment history (if you have nothing to hide)
  • Do make sure your objective is clear
  • Do use point form – avoid full sentences and paragraphs
  • Do state the most relevant experience first
  • Do make sure your resume is one or two pages in length (maximum)
  • Do use strong action verbs to describe your skills, abilities and achievements
  • Do make sure all resume sections are clearly labelled
  • Do make sure the resume is spaced evenly on the page

Resume Don'ts...

  • Don't lie and say you know how to work a computer application if you don't
  • Don't include a list of references on initial submission
  • Don't over sell yourself to be something you are not
  • Don't include outdated or irrelevant experience
  • Don't include personal information (date of birth, marital status, SIN, children)
  • Don't include reasons for leaving and salary information about previous employment
  • Don't use fancy binders or folders
  • Don't include photographs
  • Don't use exaggerated or inaccurate information or use excessive professional jargon
  • Don't include the date your resume was prepared



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