Tips for Settling in Canada


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the federal government department responsible for determining who is admissible to Canada under the various categories/classes of immigration through which you can apply to legally enter Canada. 

IRCC is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the immigration and refugee protection Act (IRPA).

To ensure you have the most accurate information you must visit the  IRCC website, their offices or other direct representative for detailed information and requirements about entering Canada as a:

  • Visitor
  • Temporary foreign worker
  • Student
  • Permanent resident
  • Provincial Nominee
  • Refugee

As you explore/prepare for possible visit or immigrating to Canada, covering the following will make your travel experience easier.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Canada, its geo-political, socio-economic and legal structures and rules.
  2. Gather all your/your family’s important personal identity, educational and employment records required for visa and future education, credential evaluation and employment.
  3. Ensure that you bring your travel documents and visa with you.
  4. If immigrating permanently, you should obtain educational records/transcript for each family member. 
  5. You may require travel insurance depending on your visa category.
  6. Remember to evaluate the financial requirement of your travel/move and prepare accordingly.
  7. Please be sure to verify from your country and financial institution process & rules for transferring money to Canada.
  8. Initiate a housing search and arrange for temporary or permanent housing before you arrive.  
  9. Initiate a job search as soon as possible before/after arrival.
  10. Research online about the availability of integration services and delivery agencies in the region.
  11. For permanent residents & temporary foreign workers, apply for free your social insurance number and health cards upon arrival.
  12. Enquire about registering your children in school.



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