A stall at a farmers market 

Food in Durham

Food is about more than just nourishing our bodies and keeping us healthy, it is about coming together after a long day and sharing our experiences with our friends and family. It plays a huge role in integrating diverse cultures into a new country and home and it can mean the difference between just existing and living life to its fullest.

In the merest moment, a whiff of a childhood favourite dish can bring happy memories of family and home. Sharing these memories and the foods of our backgrounds helps us all to learn about each other. There is no more common ground than food! However sometimes, finding the foods we are familiar with can be a challenge.

A plate of prepared vegetables and rice

Depending on where you live, your personal food choices and the time of year, you have many options to shop for food in large stores, smaller specialty stores and farmers’ markets.

In this section you will find local information designed to help make you feel more comfortable knowing where and how to find the foods you need to feel at home in Durham.

A plate of foods wrapped in leaves and cooked with a dip






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