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Wine Beer and Alcohol

In Ontario, the sale of wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages is regulated by the provincial government. The legal drinking age in Onario is 19 years old. It is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 19. Proof of age can be requested by anyone selling or serving alcohol.

In Ontario, the two organizations authorized to sell wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages are the

LCBOThese agencies monitor minimum age for purchase, hours of sale, selling price, advertising and promotions, labelling, product integrity and store locations.

The Beer StoreWhen using The Beer Store, remember that you return your bottles when they are empty.

Grocery Stores

In early 2016, select grocery stores began to offer beer for sale to consumers. Additionally, many of the larger grocery stores offer a "store within a store" and have wine for sale at such locations. 

Vineyards, Orchards and Wine Stores

Local vineyards are permitted to sell their own wines. Many of these are in the Niagara Region, but Durham has a few. If wine interests you, you may wish to contact local vineyards for a tour or wine-tasting.

Micro-breweries in Durham Region

Beer glassNot only are there local wineries, but there are also "micro-breweries" which brew a limited amount of beer, usually a unique blend. The Brew Kettle, in Ajax, is a mico-brewery and a wine-making outlet since 1992. Durham Brewing Company, located at 1885 Clements Rd in Pickering, is another. Other craft breweries in Durham that sell directly to the public include 5 Paddles Brewing Co. andBrock Street Brewing Co. in Whitby, Manantler Craft Brewing Co. in Bowmanville, and Old Flame Brewing Co. in Port Perry.

Do-it-yourself Beer Brewing and Winemaking

There are too many of these outlets to list them all here. If you search "wine making Durham region", you be able to find an outlet in your area.

Know Your Limits

It is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol and this is strictly enforced throughout Canada. Police and community organizations work together to educate the public through safe drinking and safe driving campaigns. For more information visit the RIDE and MADD websites.

Drinking and alcohol increases a person's risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, and high blood pressure. It is also associated with an increased risk of injury due to drunk driving, poisonings, attempted suicides and falls. Alcohol use contributes to incidents of physical and sexual violence as well as child neglect and abuse. Drinking during pregnancy can cause permanent birth defects and brain damage to your baby.

To learn more about the effects of alcohol on your health, call the Durham Health Connection Line (905-666-6241 or 1-800-841-2729) or visit Durham Public Health.



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