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Grocery Stores

Woman in grocery storeThe name “grocery store” means a place to buy food. 

In Durham "grocery store" most often refers to the large stores with multiple locations—such as those listed on the right (links). 

You will see these stores in many locations throughout the region. Perhaps you recognize the names and already have a favourite.

Grocery stores offer a selection of packaged food, frozen, canned and fresh.  They also have: 

  • Spices
  • Baking ingredients
  • Baby foods
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • Cleaning products
  • Medicines
  • Heath foods
  • Toiletries
  • Household repair items
  • Paper products
  • Garbage and recycling bags
  • Pet food and pet care supplies

Some grocery stores also offer prepared foods—like sandwiches, sushi, soups, breads and desserts—all ready-to-eat.

Using grocery stores

You will find that these stores will have the products that are most in demand by the local population and those being promoted by large corporations. As a result, not every store will have the same foods.   

Flyers and vouchers

Each week grocery stores will have a selection of items on sale for that week.  Each store advertises these sale items in flyers available either online, on wire racks inside the store or inserted into your local newspaper. 


Coupons are generally issued by the manufacturer of the product and can be found  in magazines, online, in newspapers and inside stores. 

Coupons offer a discount off the retail price of the product, but you must read the fine print on the coupon carefully to see what, if any, stipulations are being made by the manufacturer. 

These stipulations may include a date when the coupon expires and is no longer valid, and/or a requirement to purchase more than one product to receive the discount, etc. 

A great deal of money can be saved through the use of flyers and coupons, and it is very common for Durham residents to take advantage of both flyers and coupons—often planning their shopping based on who has items they want on sale, and what they have valid coupons for.

Asking for assistance

If the store does not have the products you seek you may wish to try a “Specialty Food Store” or “Global Food Store”.  

You can also ask the store manager to get the product you are seeking. 

If you have questions about any food items, you can usually ask the staff in the store to help you. 

Bringing your own shopping bags

When you go to a grocery store, it is expected that you will bring your own bags or boxes for taking your purchased food home.

How to pay

When you have selected the items you want to buy, you take them to the cashier, or an automated checkout area, and you can pay for the items there. If you have coupons or vouchers, you would present them before the cashier starts scanning the items.

Leaving the store 

When you leave the store, it is always a good  practice  to place your shopping cart back where other customers can use it.



Grocery Stores with multiple locations in Durham

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