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Finding Restaurants

How to Find Restaurants

People in restaurantDurham has a growing number of restaurants, specialty restaurants and cafes, representing the world’s cuisines. You can use the Internet to seek out restaurants in your area. There are often ratings on blogs from restaurant reviewers. Asking neighbours for their recommendation is a good way to get started.

When are reservations required?

Restaurants vary in terms of the formality and the need for reservations. You may need to phone the restaurant and ask if you need to reserve a table, especially if your group is larger than four people.

Tipping and paying

At some restaurants you will pay for your food when it is presented. At more formal places, your server will normally present the bill at your table. You will be charged taxes in addition to the cost of the meal. It is considered customary to leave a 15% tip for the server if you were satisfied with the service you received.

Global cuisines

Durham has a large number of specialty restaurants serving the world’s cuisines. If you use the Internet, you can search for a current listing of restaurants by country or type of cuisine, for example: “Greek Restaurant” and the name of your town or area such as [“greek restaurant” whitby].



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