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Farmers' Markets, Orchards & Farms

Canadian Maple SyrupIf you are seeking fresh foods from local farmers, then there are many choices in the Durham Region. Many Durham families and their schools visit local farms to learn about the origin of their food. In addition, in the spring and soon as the snow begins to melt, a unique experience is capturing the fresh maple syrup coming from maple trees, called "maple sugaring-off”. These events are advertised in the local media.

Farmers’ Markets

Farmers' Markets are locations where many farmers bring their fresh produce to sell. These markets are often held only one day each week in your community from May through October. You will often see roadside stands for selling farm-fresh vegetables and fruits in the Durham Region. You need to check Durham Farm Fresh for the dates and locations of farmers' markets available to you.

Local Farmers' Market


There are several orchards in the Durham Region. Some offer tours, host festivals and other events for families. Some of these also have roadside stores where their fruits, and other farm products, may be sold all year round. Some orchards are actually wineries, specializing in peach or apple wines.


Occasionally farms will open to the public so that you can visit and pick your own food fruits and vegetables. You can check Durham Farm Fresh and select “Producers and Growers” for a listing of farms which permit visits.



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