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Bulk Foods

Bulk spicesThe name “Bulk Food” can mean buying food in large quantities or buying foods in any quantity you wish. In some stores, this means that foods are stored in large bins, rather than in packages. A Bulk Food Store may have some of the same products as the larger grocery stores and health food stores.

How are bulk food stores different?

A bulk food store usually stores dry foods in large bins, rather than in packages. They specialize in dried foods, such as nuts, grains, beans, flours for baking and baking supplies, candy, powdered drink mixes, and other foods you can package yourself.

In some bulk stores, you must have a membership before you can buy anything. If so, you ask at the entrance and staff will assist you.

Who shops there?

The main attraction of bulk food stores is being able to choose how much of a product you want. There may be large bins of spices for cooks who prefer to buy larger quantities. Cooks who do a lot of baking may shop at a bulk food store for baking supplies. People with large families, especially those looking for gluten-free products in larger quantities, or who cook for a larger group, may shop in these stores. People planning large parties will find baking supplies there.

Where to find bulk food stores?

You will see these stores in many locations throughout Durham. One of the more familiar chains is called “Bulk Barn” and another is "Costco" however Costco requires a membership.



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