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Children and Youth

Children & Youth in Canada

Resettling in a new place means many things, including new opportunities for education, employment and new relationships, but it can also mean many new challenges such as new laws and customs that can cause conflict within families. 

Parents everywhere want to give their children a safe home and promising future but what that looks like may differ from family to family. Parenting styles and child discipline may be different in Canada. We have included information here to help you have a positive experience when moving to Canada and in particular to Durham Region. Included is information about the health and development of children and youth, recreation, parents’ and children’s rights and responsibilities, and community resources to help you on a wide variety of topics. 

It can be difficult to raise children in a new culture, but there are many organizations in Durham Region to help you. Community organizations, schools, libraries, public health and local hospitals offer services to help you in many ways. Some services can help you make sure that your children are healthy and developing well, help you cope with your child’s behaviour, or offer recreational opportunities.

There is information throughout the portal with useful information that will help you learn more about raising a family in Durham Region.

In the Learning section of this portal you will find great information on the local schools and libraries and all the services they offer, language programs and many other supports that are available.

In the Living section of this portal you will find great information on what healthcare services are available and how to access them. You will also find information that may be useful for your family such as public transit, local attractions and government services.

In Canada there are laws that outline how children can be treated. In Ontario, the Child and Family Services Act explains what child abuse is, and makes it against the law to abuse a child. A child is defined as someone under age 16. Locally, the Durham Children’s Aid Society investigates child abuse. To learn more about what child abuse is visit their website at



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