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Benefits: Why Choose Durham?

Why Choose Durham Region?

Durham Welcomes Newcomers

The Region of Durham and its municipalities recognize the importance of attracting newcomers to Durham. The future economic success of Durham depends on having the right mix of skills, knowledge and abilities in its population. It also depends on our ability to ensure that all citizens of Durham have a full opportunity to contribute to their community and to enjoy what that community has to offer. Father and daughter swimming

That is one reason why the Region of Durham is in the process of setting up a Durham Region Diversity and Immigrant Partnership Council. This council has a mandate to develop and implement strategies to make Durham a truly inclusive community and one that welcomes people from all walks of life, religions, ethnic roots, life styles and levels of ability. We cannot afford to have any part of our society not be able to fully participate in their community.

In recent years many communities in Durham have become more diverse in terms of faith organizations, places of worship, grocery stores, restaurants and organizations that support specific cultures. Durham is now home to mosques, temples, and mandira, as well as synagogues, churches, meeting places and sweat lodges. Increasing numbers of new immigrants settling in Durham will support even further growth of these and other culturally relevant organizations and services.

People choose Durham for different reasons. For some it is the location; an easy commute to Toronto but out of the hustle and bustle. The quality of life is excellent, the housing plentiful and affordable, and the recreational opportunities are endless. It is a wonderful place to raise a family and the educational opportunities continue to grow as do the opportunities for good jobs and wages. Durham Region has it all.


  • Proximity to Lake Ontario
  • Proximity to Toronto but out of the big city chaos
  • Strategically located in the east end of the GTA

For the most part, Durham is a lakeside community with most of our population living near the north shore of Lake Ontario. Most of Durham is an easy commute into Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Major highways and modern railways link us to all of North America and beyond through Pearson Airport in Toronto.

Some of the largest consumer markets within North America can be found within easy driving distance of Durham Region. Durham is one of the fastest growing parts of the Greater Toronto Area and offers excellent opportunities for business and industry.

Durham also offers lots of space to grow with opportunities for new housing developments as well as industrial and commercial ventures. Our moderate climate offers many opportunities year round to enjoy our recreational opportunities within the region.

Climate and Topography

  • Moderate climate but four distinct seasons
  • Offers an interesting mix of urban communities, small towns and villages, rural vistas, wetlands and wooded areas and features the Oakridges Moraine
  • Durham offers many lakes, rivers and inland waterways for recreational use
  • Several of our communities have been “Communities in Bloom” winners showing our favourable growing conditions and community spirit.

Durham Region offers a variety of landscapes and communities along the north shore of Lake Ontario. You will find a string of densely populated urban communities which contrasts with the smaller towns, villages and hamlets in the rural north of Durham. Local farm ready for Hallowe'enThe flat area along the lakeshore gradually rises into the Oakridges Moraine which is a protected natural water shed just 20 kilometres to the north. This area offers many forested areas, woodlands and streams along with recreational trails and a few small lakes. During the winter there are several ski hills which offer recreational skiing.

Further to the north lie Uxbridge, Brock and Scugog townships which offer a mix of small towns, rich agricultural land and prime lakelands recreational areas. This is an area that is the gateway to the Haliburton and Kawartha tourism and recreational areas further north in Ontario. 

To the east, landscape turns into rolling hills with many fine farms and country lanes. In the fall of the year, the leaves of maple and oak trees change colour transforming the hills into a spectacle of red, orange and yellows. 

Urban/rural Mix

  • Mix of high quality residential communities, planned cities and towns, rolling country-side and lakes and streams.

Cost of Living

  • Affordability of housing
  • High standard of Living
  • Above average income levels

Quality of Life

  • Educational opportunities that include a University and College, services for seniors, community recreation centres, leisure programs, many golf courses, fresh air, clear skies...
  • Cultural organizations and churches, mosques, temples and synagogues.


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