Volunteer - And help make a difference

You can make a difference in Durham Region by volunteering some of your time and talent. There are many opportunities for service and there is sure to be one or more that will interest you. Everyone has something to contribute to volunteer service that not only makes your community a better place but also improves your connection to Durham Region.

Volunteering is a two way street. It benefits both the aim to which it is directed and the volunteer who makes the effort.

This can be especially true for volunteers who are relatively new to a community. For in the act of volunteering the volunteer is drawn together with others who in a shared effort are helping to improve the community. By doing so they create opportunities for themselves to learn about their new surroundings and importantly to expand their network of contacts.

Much of what Canadians take for granted is delivered to us by volunteers whose work is essential to the health of our communities.

By volunteering you can voice your opinion as you make new friends and gain new perspectives about local issues.

In short, volunteering is a win, win situation. It greatly assists in integration and promotes a feeling of belonging as it benefits your community and you the volunteer.

You can make a difference.  Join in helping to make Durham Region a better place for all your neighbours.

You can make a difference in Durham Region.



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