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What are Canadian Values?

What are Canadian Values?

Every society has values that are important to it and that sets it apart from others. Canadian society is no different from other societies in this respect. There are values that are important to Canadians that may not be fully shared by other societies. Many Canadians feel that its values are what make Canada an attractive place to live.

Canada has long been recognized for its peace-keeping role around the world. Canadians are seen a polite, sometimes too polite. We often say sorry or excuse me even when other people bump into us.

Canadian values include freedom, respect for cultural differences and a commitment to social justice. We are proud of the fact that we are a peaceful nation.

Canada is a large country with a small population. We have developed a unique federal style of government that is based on compromise and co-existence. We value our democracy, and every citizen is encouraged to do his or her share. Our laws are based on our democratic values. Canadian values include:

Equality: We respect everyone’s rights. Everyone has the right to speak out and express ideas that others might disagree with. Governments must treat everyone with equal dignity and respect—two other fundamental Canadian values.

Respect for cultural differences: We try to understand and appreciate the cultures, customs and traditions of all Canadians, whether they were born in Canada or came here from another country.

Freedom: As Canadians, we enjoy basic freedoms, such as freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of peaceful assembly.

Peace: We are proud of our non-violent society and our international role as peacekeepers.

Law and order: We respect democratic decision making and the “rule of law.” We promote due process so that the courts and the police treat everyone fairly and reasonably. We ensure that our elected governments remain accountable to Canadians.

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