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Adjusting to your New Community

Fitting in to your new Community

Newcomers are important to the development of a community rich in culture, skills, business and economic development and the colourful threads that can be woven together to make the fabric of a strong community. We have a proud heritage of pioneers and community builders from many countries and walks of life that have made Durham what it is today.
We look forward to having you become an important part of our the communities within Durham.

To help you to feel part of the community more quickly we would like to offer you some suggestions to become connected to this community. Durham is made up of many, many different communities. These include our towns, villages and cities, and rural areas. We also have faith communities for a wide variety of religions. We also have many cultural and ethnic communities that meet together to celebrate and preserve their cultural heritages. Some multi-cultural groups come together to share the wealth of cultures that we now enjoy in Durham Region.

In addition, there are communities of shared interests. These are people that come together around interests such as hobbies, recreation, sports and other leisure and special interests. This last type of community is often a wonderful way to meet other Canadians and to learn about them and their cultures. New Canadians often get to know people in their community through their children by attending school activities, youth programs and public places like libraries and parks.

There are many ways to meet people in your larger community and to learn more about the Canadian culture and Canadians from many diverse backgrounds. We want you to feel a part of your new community and offer the following suggestions on how to get connected.

  • Cultural Groups
  • Faith Communities
  • Recreational Interests
  • Youth Activities
  • Activities for Seniors
  • Things to do in your neighbourhood

Welcome to Canada

Moving to Canada is an exciting opportunity, but also a great challenge. In Welcome to Canada, you will find out what to expect in your first few weeks of coming to Canada and learn how to:

  • find a place to live
  • get around your new city or town
  • work and go to school
  • connect with your community

You will also find information on Canadian laws, health care and how to get help settling in Canada.

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

The only official study guide for the citizenship test is Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, available from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada at no cost. If you have applied for citizenship and are preparing for the citizenship test, your primary resource should be the official study guide. If you use any other material to prepare for the citizenship test, you do so at your own risk. 

You must study the copy of Discover Canada provided to you by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. If you do not have this copy or if you have a copy of Discover Canada issued before 2011, you can view or download it from the Government of Canada website


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