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Employer Tools

Tools and Resources for Employers

Is isn't easy being a business owner. In addition to the knowledge and skills you need to operate in your field of business, you also need to know about human resources, hiring and managing employees, employee engagement, tax law, employment standards and many other pieces of legislation. However, there are many resources out there available for employers and business owners to access. Services exist that can help you with hiring the right employee for that hard-to-fill role and with questions about how to help your employees develop their skills and succeed in their jobs. If you need a position filled in a hurry, candidate screening and placement services are available at no cost from the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre.

As an employer, it is important for you to understand how to motivate and support your staff, how to keep them safe and how to ensure your organization is a great place to work. All this information and more can be found at the Durham Region Unemployed Help website.

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Assistance with professional services, such as coaching, leadership training, team development and professional development for both individuals and organizations is available from Agilec. In addition, Agilec provides a suite of organizational services built to assist small to medium-sized employers, including a technology help desk, human resources services, finance and accounting services and tools and administrative support services. For more information, see the Agilec website.

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As employers, we know you value the skills, expertise and creativity a diverse workforce can offer.  We also know the constraints that time and money place on your business.  That is why we invite you to post your job opportunities on the portal job board free of charge in the hopes it will assist you reach the diverse pool you need both today and into tomorrow.

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