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Diversity and Immigration Community Plan

Durham Diversity and Immigration Community Plan 2016-2019

Diversity and Immigration Community Plan 2016-2019The Local Diversity and Immigration Partnership Council (LDIPC) is pleased to release the second Durham Diversity and Immigration Community Plan. The 2010-2015 Plan was the first time the community came together to explore the concepts of immigration as an economic imperative; why creating a culture of inclusion is important; and the shared responsibility of successful settlement of newcomers. As a result of that first plan, there is much to be proud of across the region. Members of the LDIPC, for example, have demonstrated how they, as institutional leaders, operationalize and institutionalize processes and policies that incorporate the needs of all populations into planning processes. Through their organizations, they have led the way by creating, sharing, borrowing and replicating good ideas and inclusive practices across Durham Region.

Consultations revealed that efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the community matter and are having a positive impact. More institutions and organizations have incorporated the principles of diversity and inclusion into foundational documents. Employers are reducing barriers and funders understand Durham Region better. Communication, education and information are valued giving service providers and the public the language they need to articulate what inclusion means to them.

Revealed too, was an expressed desire to see the entire community do more, learn more, be better at asking the tough questions and challenging assumptions. These are difficult tasks that will require the best of each of us. The 2016-2019 plan will guide the work of the community moving forward, underscoring the commitment to public education (information), employer engagement, encouraging active citizenship and frank dialogue. We are all leaders, responsible for being informed and understanding how we impact others and the world around us. The LDIPC remains committed to keeping the conversation going and building on the momentum of our collective successes to build the best possible Durham Region.

There are four areas of priority in the Diversity and Immigration Community Plan 2016-2019.

  • Priority 1: Create a culture of inclusion
  • Priority 2: Support labour market attachment of newcomers
  • Priority 3: Engage employers in attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Priority 4: Support two-way integration of diverse populations

In keeping with the ongoing commitment to using Results-based Accountability (RBA) as the evaluation framework, three results have been identified for each area of priority. These results are the end outcomes that we will track and work toward over 2016-2019. 

Download the full Diversity and Immigration Community Plan as a PDF. 


Download an accessible copy of the Diversity and Immigration Community Plan here.


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